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Complete the form below to add your name to the beekeeper list. Including your cell number and email address seems to increase the chance of someone contacting you.

In your posting it’s useful to say which area you cover and how much you charge for the service in these times of high costs and honeybee problems.


The listings are updated manually asap. donations tend to speed things up.

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When you receive a swarm call, if you are not able to help the caller, please suggest they visit this site to find another beekeeper on the list.

Would you like to enhance your listing?

Make it stand out from the crowd?

For only $35 per annum we will make your web address clickable like this: San Diego Bees

We can also make your email address ‘live’ like this: no-one@sandiegobees.com for only $35.00 per annum.

Both web address and email address can be made ‘live’, for only $50.00 per year.

Complete the form below for the basic listing and press [Update Listing], you will receive an email requesting confirmation. Once you have confirmed your request, you will receive another email explaining the process more fully. Follow the simple instructions in the email and enter your choices on that page. Payment is via PayPal®, you do not need an account, just a credit card.

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Changes to the listing can be made at any time free of charge, but the annual subscription is non refundable.

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14 Responses to “Get on the Bee Removal List”

  • John Ward

    Trying to simply get the “home” number removed from my swarm call person data. Seemed I had to fill out a new form until I scrolled all the way down to here after attempting to fill out the abouve form numerous times changing my answer to the “anti-spam” question. (don’t know but guess 6, 6 ,six). None of these answers seemed accepted, so I’m here leaving a request to remove my listed home phone number.

  • Jeremy Hallman

    Already filled out the form 10 times, and dont see my info on the list. Is there a approval process? Thanks

    • Geoff

      It’s a manual process. I update the pages as quickly as I can. If someone sends me a donation it usually encourages me to get on with it.

      • Joyce Danner

        Do you still add my name and info if you have not received my donation yet??

        • Geoff

          Hi Joyce

          I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking. I add the names (you’re on the Washington Page) asap, but sometimes it takes a few days since I have bee stuff to do too. If you send a donation it usually gets my attention and motivates me to catch up. 😀


  • Joanne B. White

    I have a bumblebee, not honeybee problem at the new house I just moved into. The nest is near my deck and i cant walk out of the house without encountering them. Any advice on what to do with a bumblebee nest?

  • Jen

    I cannot find any tab or link on this site that leads to us as being on your swarm removal call list. Please guide me to this list!
    Thank You,

    • Geoff

      Go to “Help!” on the menu and select “Get on the Bee Removal List” from the drop-down. Fill in your details and press [Submit]

      • Russell

        Wanted to ask how to get into beekeeping if you don’t have your own land and pasture? It seems simple enough to find equipment and so forth, but I am stumped by how you can start if you don’t have connections to places to actually put down hives? How do you deal with finding places that will let you put hives there when you don’t make a ton of money? Is Utah friendly to urban beekeeping? Does urban beekeeping work if you live in the city and how would you work it out?

        • Geoff

          Hi Russell

          I recommend you find a bee club here. The members are likely to be able to help you in all sorts of ways. Often they will be able to suggest places where you might keep bees on someone else’s land. In my experience bees in urban locations tend to do better than in more rural areas. I have some on the roof of the Marriot Hotel in San Diego which, to my surprise, are doing very well indeed.

          Good luck and persevere!


  • Greg Ruth

    Looks good. I am on my phone so my screen is too small. The link you provided was for finding a beekeeper.
    I’ll go to the site on my computer and compare.

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