Bees around the world. Bees are not native to the USA, they were introduced to many different parts of the world from Europe to help pollinate crops and make honey. It’s easy to forget that the honey bee isn’t native to many parts of the world.


Since this site started we have had visits from over 170 countries. If you would like to tell us how beekeeping is done where you live please click here and tell us your story. Your accounts will be published on the website, possibly in your native language.

The Council of the Virginia Company in London introduced European honeybees into Virginia in 1621. I sometimes wonder what it was like transporting hives of bees on board a sailing ship across the Atlantic. Did they take them in the winter when the temperature was too low for the bees to fly? Did many bees fly out over the water never to be seen again? Do bees suffer from seasickness? Prior to that the Native Americans worked with some stingless bees.

The 18th century saw bees brought from Spain and Portugal to Central and South America probably Brazil.

Australia had to wait until about 1822 to get their bees, introduced to provide the settlers with honey. While honey bees weren’t brought to New Zealand until the latter half of the 19th century.

European honey bees have been introduced to Japan. They have encountered a predator for which they have no defense. Every place has their own beekeeping situations and beekeeping challenges. In the United States we have the problem of the Adfricanized Bees or killer bees to deal with. If you can tell us what beekeeping is like where you live, please go here and tell us your story.

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