Honey is the first of the many bee products which come to mind when one is thinking about honeybees. To buy honey and honeycomb online from sunny California click here.

Honey in jarsHave you ever wondered why bees make honey? Is it just so we can drizzle it on plain yogurt, or fresh raspberries or strawberries? Have you ever wondered how do bees make honey?

Many people consider honey to be a health food, not just a delicious spread. I often get requests for local honey from my bees, as it is thought to relieve the effect of some pollen allergies.

However there is much more than honey, even apart from the huge number of various delicious types, from the palest clover honey to the darkest buckwheat.
Bee products include not only honey, but wax, pollen, royal jelly and propolis, made into foods, medicine and a host of other products. Beeswax is probably the next best known bee product, after honey. Beeswax candles are considered the best quality. They burn with little or no smoke.

Religious organizations have sought beeswax candles for many centuries. I’ve even heard it said that monasteries kept bees primarily for the source of beeswax to make candles. I’m not sure I believe this since honey has always been so important. It really was the only natural product available which offered sweetness until quite recently in human history. Not only is it delicious but it is said to be the only food which never spoils, if stored correctly. Two thousand year old honey found in tombs was still fit for consumption.

In addition to honey and a host of other products, traditional dipped tapered candles and many cast candles in the shape of dogs, frogs, turtles and candles for the holidays. There are many more products made from the wax which bees manufacture to build their combs.

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Pollen is eaten as a health food, high in protein and trace elements. Personally I think the bees should keep their hard won pollen to feed to their growing larvae.

Propolis is probably one of the lesser known bee products, it’s collected from plants by the bees to use as glue and filler around the house, I mean hive. If a hive is left untouched for a few months, even weeks, it can be quite a struggle to lift the lid which has been glued securely down. Cracks and crevices smaller than about ΒΌ inch are sealed up with propolis to prevent drafts.

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