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Ancient beekeeping is such a fascinating subject, this site has information about bees and how to become a beekeeper. There is evidence of honey being harvested stretching back for thousands of years. In fact beekeepers have been taking advantage of bees in the wild for a very long time. I have been a ‘beek’ since about 1988 in a number of different places.

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The European Honeybee Apis mellifera is a species of insect, Apis is Latin for “bee”, and mellifera comes from the Latin meli- “honey” and ferre “to bear” – hence the scientific name means “honey-bearing-bee”.

The name Apis mellifera was coined in 1758 by Carolus Linnaeus. He later realized that they do not bear honey, but nectar, so tried to correct it to Apis mellifica (“honey-making”) in a subsequent publication. However, according to the rules of synonymy in zoological nomenclature, the older name has precedence.

For a long time keeping bees was a hobby for me, but like so many hobbies it grew to be something more. I think I can safely say it has become my passion. Please explore this site and learn about this amazing insect and how to start bee keeping. Who knows, being a beekeeper just might become your passion too.

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