Africanized Bee – Very defensive bees, crossed with European bees in an attempt to increase honey production. Often referred to, quite wrongly, as Killer Bee.

Allergy to Bee Stings – Rare but sometimes serious reaction to bee sting. Swelling and pain are normal reactions to a bee sting.

American Foulbrood – Bacterial disease of bee brood and larvae.

Apis Mellifera – Latin for European honey bees.

Bee – Many different flying insects are classed as bees, the familiar honey bee is just one, (superfamily Apoidea, order Hymenoptera)

Killer Bee – The subject of much mis-information in the media. More correctly called Africanized Bee.

Nuc box – Small hive which holds only five or six frames instead of ten.

Sting, bee – Defensive response to perceived threat, usually to the hive.

Queen Bee – Female bee responsible for laying (almost) all of the eggs in a hive, 1,500 to 2,00 at her peak.

Queen Cell – The enlarged cell build to accommodate the developing new queen bee.

Worker Bee – Female honey bee, the most common form, may be up to 100% of the colony (the Queen is also female) depending on the time of year.

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