Honey for sale in your locality is very different to most store-bought honey. The large suppliers and packers use honey from different sources, often imported from Mexico or China and blend it to maintain consistency and keep prices low.

We have honey, made by our own bees around the San Diego area. It’s a pure sweetener, natural, unadulterated and DELICIOUS!

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Honey in jars

Raw Honey



Honeycomb is $17.50 plus $5 shipping for each 4″x4″ piece, weight varies a little. Maximum of $10 S&H for any quantity.

* Please note, a limited supply of cut Honeycomb is available NOW! Each piece is hand cut, measuring about 4″ x 4″ and weighing approximately 12oz. Please remember this is a natural product, made by the bees, so some inconsistencies and the occasional cell filled with pollen is likely! You can be assured that the comb is filled with pure honey by the bees, you know this is the real deal.

The entire comb should be eaten, wax an all! DO NOT drain the honey from the comb, that’s like putting soda with a fine wine, or water in Whisky, sacrilege! My favourite way to eat it is to spread it on hot buttered toast.

For International shipments or larger quantities please send a message via the Contact Page. Unfortunately there are some places the have restrictions on import of agricultural products so we cannot guarantee to ship honey for sale everywhere.

Once you’ve completed your honey order, perhaps you’d like to click here to find out How do Bees Make Honey?

Comb Honey is available NOW! Quantities are limited so make sure you buy while it lasts. Please bear in mind honeycomb is fragile, we make every effort to pack comb securely, however we cannot be held responsible for damage in transit.

Many people say local honey helps to alleviate allergies. We believe that if one eats honey, made from nectar collected from the same plants as the allergy-causing pollen, there may be some sort of homeopathic effect.

Honey and lemon juice mixed together is one of many natural sore throat remedies. Take several tablespoons of this mixture several times a day. Let it sit in your throat a little while. This remedy will also help alleviate that irritating throat “tickle.”

Do you have a favorite recipe or an interesting bee story. Go to The Bee Story Page and tell us all about it.

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  • Debbie

    Do you sell beeswax? If not, do you know of anyone in San Diego county that does?
    I’m not finding anyone on the web, but I would like to buy locally, instead of on Amazon.

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