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It is probably one of the first pieces of advice which beekeepers usually give to novices, “Join your local bee club or beekeeper’s group!”

We have found that it is immensely useful to be in contact with other beekeepers to encourage the exchange and sharing of ideas and perhaps equipment.

If you ask a group of 10 beekeepers their opinion, you may get fifteen valid responses, (at least they’ll think they’re valid).

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6 Responses to “Bee Club Form”

  • Susan Cameron

    I live in Oakland County Michigan and looking for a mentor that I can work with for for free to teach me about bee keeping. Thank you, Susan Cameron, Troy MI. I am very serious about this and have plenty of time to do this and follow through. My number is 248-879-9220

  • Lonnie Funderburg

    Very good website that I did not know existed. It appears that several of the club listings are out of date. I am aware of how difficult it is to keep this constantly changing information current. I have added one club that is not on your list. You may check for current listings for these and other Alabama bee clubs.

  • Debra Hey

    How are your Bees doing this year? I am new this year and have started out with 2 nucs that I put in 2 hives, 10 frame and an 8 frame. Been feeding them April – July, just starting to build up numbers and the trees are blooming. Good and healthy bees so far. Any suggestion when the Honey supers need to be added 7 of 10 frames are full in one deep, here in Wyoming??

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