You have to watch this Google Robot Bees video created by Google to commemorate their 10th anniversary.

Bees-on-the-Net advertised on Google Adwords to promote its offline business of bee hive removal. It was incredibly successful because it’s possible to target very specific geographic areas. We’re in San Diego, so there’s no point in people calling us from Kathmandu to have a swarm of bee removed.

We just love the video, in part of course because the mechanical bees in the video make Africanized bees look positively benign. I would love to know how they managed to personalize the video for each advertiser.

Our videos are never likely to be as sophisticated as this, but we’re working on it. To see some of our videos on our YouTube channel. Click on this link to¬†leave the Google Robot Bees Video and see some of ours.

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