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I get many requests from people looking for free bee removal, which is a little puzzling to me. Removing bees alive from roofs, walls and the multitude of other places they build their hives is a difficult and specialized process. Often the bees are in a place which is difficult to access and therefore entails skill and time to achieve a safe removal.

Of course the alternative is to call an exterminator who can kill all the bees by spraying insecticide into the hive. I’m yet to find an exterminator who will do this free.

dead-hiveOnce an exterminator has done his work and the bees are dead, bees from other hives in the neighborhood, and hives belonging to local beekeepers, will find the unguarded poisoned honey and either add themselves to the pile of dead bees moldering inside your wall, or carry the lethal honey back to their own hive with drastic consequences.

There’s another problem the exterminators don’t understand or tell you about, apart from the impact on our precious bee population, they don’t consider what will happen to the potentially large amount of honey which can remain inside the roof, wall, ceiling or whatever. I’ve seen beehives in a roof containing approaching 100lbs of honey.

I was call to a motel a couple of years ago, an exterminator had killed a colony in each end of the roof of the building. The temperature had subsequently reached 105°F, the combs had sagged, leaked and the, now poisoned, honey began dripping out of the roof.  The manager had placed a five gallon bucket under each end of the roof to catch the honey.

If you engage a beekeeper to remove the bees, hive, comb and honey you will be doing the bees and the environment a service and will not end up with honey dripping through your ceiling.

People assume the bees have a high intrinsic value and the acquisition of another hive of bees should be reward enough. I’m afraid it just isn’t! In areas where there are feral colonies which cause these problems it is likely there isn’t a shortage of bees. Remember that the beekeeper has to pay for gas to get to you, possible more than once, pay for the equipment required to access the bees and for the hive in which to put the bees once they’ve been removed.

Not all colonies which are removed survive. It is quite a traumatic process for the bees. One often doesn’t know whether the bees to be removed will be as docile as they appear once their home is torn apart.

There are many other ways of obtaining bees much more cheaply than offering free bee removal of bees of uncertain origin from your home. Sometimes new beekeepers will remove bees just because they want the bees, do you really want an inexperienced person, who is probably not insured, conducting this delicate procedure?

Please consider this when you think of free bee removal, and be prepared to pay for this professional service. It may not cost as much as an exterminator, but even if if does, remember that we need our amazing honey bees. They have been around for a lot longer than the human race, and will probably be here long after we have gone.

My suggestion is that you leave this page about free bee removal and look for a local beekeeping expert.

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  • Robert Campbell

    Can’t think of another business out there that receives an item that is commoditized that would have the balls to charge you. Good thing Goodwill and the assorted other organizations that take charitable contributions don’t have your mindset. They wouldn’t exist. Shall we talk about salvage yards that come out and pay you to haul off a car that doesn’t work. Imagine how much that truck cost. I mentioned how much their property cost. Imagine how much their buildings Insurance electricity etc etc etc cost. And no, I don’t have bees that need to be removed. I came across your site interested in starting a colony on my property. The only thing your site is missing is a little cheese to go along with all the whine. And no, considering everything else about your character, I don’t expect you to publish this comment. That would take a bit too much honesty.

    • Linda williams

      I am a beekeeper and I do Bee removal’s. I charge as my time and my expertise is very valuable.I think you need to do a few yourself and see how much time it takes. Not just time but the know how to do what you’re doing. There are many decisions that need to be made when you’re doing a bee removal in order for you to safely remove the bees, to keep them alive, to not destroy the structures you’re working with. There is also a considerable amount of skills that have to be developed and techniques when dealing with Bees and Bee removalsIf . If i just wanted another hive of bees I could do a split from one of my existing hives in 15 minutes versus going out and doing a 3 to 4 hour bee removal and that is not including travel time. Most people doing the removal’s are out to educate the public to help promote our honeybee industry versus just getting another hive. I don’t know many professionals In other industries who will come to my house take care of my problem, Educate me, and give me a nice jar of honey at the end of it. It is a service. I’m a little confused why you do not want to pay for a service of a professional? I’m glad you’re interested in beekeeping. I hope however you learn to be a little bit more respectful of people’s time and effort so that you will become a more proficient and knowledgeable person when it comes to taking care of Bees. Maybe a little sweating in the bee suit in 100° weather might change your attitude when it comes to thinking about paying a person who’s profession is beekeeping. Ps. The article was a very nice overview of a Bee removal with good pics.

    • Jeff

      This is not my site but as a new beekeeper I can understand his point and think u missed the mark on yours. It doesn’t matter how big their house is or how many acres or what they pay for property taxes or etc,etc,etc…that has nothing to do with anything. He is offering a service and no doubt not for free…some ppl do offer free removals if u pay to fix the cavity but your missing the point…I can buy a nuc of bees for $105…why would I work 8-16 hours then pay for drywall myself to fix someone’s wall when I could buy them for less and not have to sweat all day. Just other things to take into consideration when seeking a removal and I think that’s what OP is trying to point out.

  • Rajesh Chaurasiya

    Dear Sir/Mam,
    We are running a mall having a bee hive at main entrance,the hive is 20-30 feet high from the floor.

    Can you please help us to remove the hive.
    Thanks & Regards
    Rajesh Chaurasiya

  • Bianca giles

    I have a big nest of bees, they have stung me, my mom and my dog. My dog almost lost her life because she had over 200 stings. You ad says free removal, I would rather have them removed other than killing them or getting stung again! Please contact me! My email is

  • Eugene Davis

    I have a honey bee hive right above my back deck door. It my be the size of a loaf of bread or larger and its freash. I’m disable and can’t afford the amount or cost to remove it.I also above grandchildren under the age of 5 and. Iam afraid the may get sting please help remove the honey bee from my home

  • Leon Siwek

    Is there a local free bee removal service in Bermuda Dunes, CA ? Have a bee hive outside the overhang of house, easy access. DO NOT WANT THEM KILLED, just vacummn and remove, from private residence.

  • Kristen


    I live on Orange County and we walk through a green belt in the area often. We noticed a large bee hive in a hollowed out tree knot where bees are living now. The city is going to come and kill them because they don’t want people to get stung but I don’t want them to die since we already have such a problem with bees going extinct. So I am wondering if there is some I can call to take them out of the tree and take them to their home to let them live.

    Please let me know if you have any ideas.


  • Dixie

    Do honey bees make hive underground? I have a swarm in our water meter at the corner of our yard. They are not aggressive unless you are right on it I have a garden and a lot of flowers and a lot of bees that are very passive.

  • Brenda Raffinello

    I am currently unemployed and have a special needs child.I have been seeing bees flying around in my family room and my kitchen.I am allergic to bee”s.Is there any one who can help me .I found a spot on the outside of my house where they are going in.Please contact me at 321 848 4962 PalmBay Fl

  • Collin

    I am a bee remover and relocator. People don’t value the work, even though it is really tough. I just can’t do it for free. I order mellow, beautiful, Italian bees online for $99, and they come right to my doorstep. I also have a lot of expenses, including insurance. I cannot go spend a day on a ladder in the sun drenched in honey for free bees. Anyone who does cutouts for free must be out of their mind, period. Swarm removals are one thing, but cutouts, no way. I go as low as I can on the price, and people don’t like the idea of paying someone to do a removal, yet don’t even question an exterminator. The few people who do value my work are good people, for sure, since they call me before having the bees killed.
    Thank you for posting this.

    • Geoff

      Hi Collin

      I couldn’t agree with you more! I once had someone call me and asked me to remove bees from insider his roof! He said I could have the bees (and as many stings I wanted I assume) he just wanted the honey.

      I sometimes ask they if they expect to get paid for what they do.


    • Adam

      Hi Collin, I have a swarm in my chimney, Please let me know if you can help.


    • Sue looper

      Please contact me asap. I have bees that are in a wall of a back patio. I need someone a sap . Please call me 661-666-0388

  • Vuyiseka

    Hi my name is Vuyi i also have a bee problem inside the house on the roof….the problem is that the are small children in the house and they can play around because of the bees, i need help i’m in Cape Town in Paarl

  • john

    I have a bee hive just outside my porch door in our back yard. I cant afford a lot of money to get rid of them and I don’t want to kill them either because I like honey even though I am a diabetic. Can someone help me get rid of the nest its about the size of a football, john

    • Geoff

      Hi John

      I sugbest you try calling local beekeepers to see whether they might be able to help. You can find beekeepers in your locality by clicking on the page for your state.

      Good Luck.


    • Lynn

      Call the city and they give you a referral for free removal if it is outside the home.

  • diane witcher

    I live in Tucson Arizona I have a beehive under shed. Last summer I found a company that would remove them for $200.00 I haven’t been able to locate them again. I have sixgrangchildren that live withme and love the swimming pool in the back yard but so do the bees. I need help bad. I can afford about $200.00 I am on a tight budget as I support my grandchildren. Please help me I can’t let my grandchildren go outside because of the bees. Thank you for your help. You can reach me at 520-273-2298 I wear a hearing aid so it is hard for me to hear you can call my son and talk to him his number is 520-360-4962. Thank you

  • Whittier CA.

    We have found a Bee hive inside a tre trunk. I really don’t want to use an exterminator. Please HELP!

  • Marilee Maduro

    We found a hive in my daughters backyard, NorthLas Vegas
    will you help ?

  • Cindy

    I heard that the government is paying people here in Mississippi to gather bees. People are advertising on Craigslist for free bee removal. My son lives out in the country and someone has set up bee hives in the National Forest away from any houses.

      • Tony

        I have been trying to get on the bee swarm removal list but have had no luck, I don’t want to be a pest by repeatedly submitting a registration, am I missing something, I fill all the info and tried answering the robot question with six and 6 at different times. Can you help me. Thanks

    • Clayton Wyatt

      I have a bee hive close to our sports practice area and would like to have it removed. the hive is in a tree about 20 ft up in trunk

    • Jill

      Richard link, please contact me in Temecula regarding bees in bushes. Approx. 10″ nest freely hanging and easily accessible. Newly formed w/in past three days. Cannot afford contractor removal. Tuesday May 5, 2015. Thank you, Jill

    • Clarence Roundtree

      I have bees in my small tree on the side of my house I live in lake park FL.601 4th street my number is 1 (954)865-0610

    • James Jackson

      I have a swarm of bees in a tree on my property, they have been their 4 days now. They are looking for a new home and may move. my address is:
      3100 Beaver Creek Dr.
      Flower Mound, TX 75022

      • Geoff

        Hi Ray

        I recommend you talk to a local beekeeper or bee removal expert.

        Go here, select your state and you’ll see a list of people. The list is in no particular order, so scroll all the way to the bottom and find one or two near you.

        I hope that helps, good luck!

    • Meg Lile

      I’ve discovered a good sized beehive in a large bush in my yard near some citrus trees and I am hoping to have it removed without harming the bees.

    • JCB SR


      • Geoff

        Hi JCB Sr

        Did you actually read the page about free bee removal? Why would you expect a beekeeper to work for free? I suggest you contact a beekeeper in your area, but you will probably find they will charge for removing bees, especially at this time of year.


    • Jenny

      I have beehive in my lemon tree. I just found out yesterday. I live in Covina Ca. Do you know anybody who can remove this beehive? Thanks.

  • Pearl Thomas

    Please help me, I am a senior who developed two types of Cancer, taking Chemotherapy While standing on my back kitchen steps I notice Bees seems entering the underside, near my roof.

    At this stage of my life I am not able pay to have the Bee’s removed, or remove them myself, Is there anyone out there who is able to help an old lady who have worked all of my life? They look like honey Bees, maybe we can share the honey, 773 483 -2875. Thank you I have a good feeling about this. Everyone in my area calls me Bigmama well y’all come help bigmama !!

    • Geoff

      Hi Bigmama

      I’m so sorry to hear your plight, I do sympathize. Unfortunately I’m in San Diego which is a long way from Chicago. It’s puzzling that you say there are bees flying around your roof since the temperature in your area is very low at the moment.

      I think you might seriously consider doing nothing. It’s worth remembering that if the bees aren’t causing you any direct nuisance, you could just leave them to carry on doing their thing. It’s unlikely that if left to themselves that they’ll do any damage.

      I strongly advise you NOT to allow anyone to attempt to kill them in situ. It’s possible they may have been there some time, and could have stored a substantial amount of honey. If the bees are killed and the honey is not removed, it’s likely you will end up with honey dripping through your ceiling.

      If you feel you need to do something, click here and try calling a beekeeper close to you. Or find a Bee Club by clicking here, they might know someone who could help you.

      I hope that helps, Good luck!


  • Doug Mc Pherson

    I have a hive of bees that has taken up residency at my house. Would like to have them removed live but am unemployed and can’t afford it Hive is next to front door and bees get inside all the time. What can I do?

  • Robert New

    I have a huge bee hive under my cone trailer. I do be leave it to be honey bees, if you go in the trailer and stand you will here a steady hum. Does anybody want them I live in Terrell Tx. And my number is 214-478-4450 Robert

  • Lisa Toliver

    My name is Lisa Toliver and my husband is DeWayne we have a bee hive medium sized populated in our wood box outside, we need to have it removed please. We have a school playground directly behind us, which concerns us. The wood box is empty, except for the bee’s and honey comb. Please, please call us as soon as you can. We live in McMinnville, Oregon. Our cell number is 503-437-2576 (Lisa) or 503-437-257 (DeWayne). Last year we had to have honey bee’s and hive removed on the other side of our house.

    Thank you,

    Lisa Toliver

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