Bee swarm under shed, is a message I sometimes receive. A shed is a perfect location for a bee colony. There is usually a space under the floor, between the flooring plywood and the ground.


If bees find a way into this space, especially if their entrance in at the rear of the shed, they can continue to thrive for a long period without the shed owner being aware of them.

I sometimes suggest that in these situations, the owner just leaves the bees to coexist. I heard of someone recently who removed a piece of the flooring and replaced it with a piece of Plexiglas as an observation window.

I believe if you’re prepared to adjust your behavior just a little it isn’t too difficult to coexist with creatures such as bees. All too often members of the general public come into contact with something such as a beehive which they believe, quite wrongly, is a threat to them. Their first reaction is almost always that it must be killed.

It reminds me about a farmer who was warned that there was a large colony of bats in a nearby cave. Wasn’t he worried that his family might be bitten and contract rabies? He pour gasoline into the cave and wiped out the whole 250,000 strong colony which he and his forbears had coexisted with for generations.

It’s hard to believe anyone would be so stupid. When he was told how many insects each of those bats ate, he wept.

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