Bees for development enable many people in developing countries to start keeping bees. Beekeeping is a great way for people to build a business, with minimal investment, which can raise them above the poverty line. The UK based trust, started in 1993, provides information about beekeeping to many parts of the world to enable new beekeepers to produce, harvest and distribute honey and bee products.

We often get questions about the Kenya Top Bar Hive, which is becoming increasingly popular because it is thought to be a more natural way of beekeeping. Building a few hies and producing a valuable product like honey can make a huge difference to someone who has little resources or opportunity.

If you, or your bee club, feels able to help ‘spread the word’ to beekeepers please consider sending a donation to this worthwhile cause. Please visit their website, learn about what marvelous work they are doing and give what you can to make Bees for Development possible.

Here’s is one example of how it can make a real difference to so many lives:

‘My name is Prosper Agbeti from Ghana. I was born to a low-income family. After completing junior high school, I was left to find some work on the street of Accra, the capital city of Ghana, selling ice cream and water to make a living and help my parents. One day, I met a man who told me to take up beekeeping, since it is a lucrative job. The next day, he taught me how to colonise bees, protect myself from bee stings, and harvest and process honey.

Since then I have set up 20 sets of Langstroth bee hives in the Volta region of Ghana. I am currently training people in the rural areas of Ghana. Through beekeeping I have completed my high school education without my parents assistance. I am also reading more information on bees and am the manager of Bees for Development, Ghana. I want to establish branches throughout Ghana”¦’

Prosper Agbeti, Ghana 2010

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