Where to buy beekeeping supplies, is one of the first questions which new beekeepers ask when they decide to keep bees. Bee hives are not something you’re likely to see in you neighborhood hardware store.

Although there are sometimes beekeepers who keep a few pieces of beekeeping equipment for resale, now days it’s easy to buy beekeeping equipment over the internet.
Of course you’ll need to decide what to buy, you will see beginners kits advertised which will provide a hive, veil smoker and hive too, I think it’s better to buy exactly what you need individually.

As a bare minimum I would recommend is a smoker, hive tool and a bee suit. Armed with these you can help a fellow beekeeper with his bees even before you have some bees of your own. Seeing someone else in action will tell you more than any website or beekeeping book.

I strongly advise anyone who is considering buying beekeeping supplies and equipment to talk to experienced beekeepers first. The best place to find beekeepers, is at a bee club. Joining a bee club is probably the best source of information, advice and assistance you’ll find.

That’s not to say all the advice you get about bees will be good or helpful, it’s often said that if you ask 3 beekeepers their opinion, you’ll get 5 different answers. So you might want to take some things with a pinch of salt.

Once you know a little more about what type of hive you want and other beekeeping supplies, you’ll be in a position to decide what type of frames to use, foundation, feeders, covers, floors, queen catchers, queen marker pens and any of the other hundreds of gadgets which are available at beekeeping suppliers.

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