Here’s a list of beekeepers who conduct swarm removal in Vermont. These are the people to call if you think you have a problem. They should be able to tell you whether you really have a problem, and what the options are.

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Not all people will offer the same types of services, be prepared to pay for their work, these are specialized procedures requiring a great deal of skill and experience.

Please use caution when engaging anyone on this list
Bees-on-the-Net is not responsible for these services.

Beekeepers List for Vermont

Tom Ward
Cell: (336) 455-1062
Newport VT 5855
Honey bee removal and local honey sales.

David Prior
Shelburne VT 05482
Cell: 802-985-2379
I’m in Chittenden County so if you need a honey bee removal, I would be glad to assist you. Bees hanging in a tree or bush, FREE removals. Fees apply for complicated deconstruction removals.
Sorry no wasp removals.


Keth Comollo
East Dorset Vermont 05253
Cell: 802-342-3313
Office: 802-342-3313
Humane no-kill swarm removal in Southern Vermont.


John Bodin
124 West Rd
N. Chittenden VT 05763
Phone: 860-884-6791
I will remove swarms or beehives within a 75 mile radius of Rutland. Charges equal to distance & difficultly of removal.


Dwight Kinney
Milton Vermont
Phone: 802-264-4629


Stuart Astbury
Bridgewater VT 05034
Remove swarms within a 50 mile radius of Bridgewater
Price negotiable depending on how complex the removal is
Phone: 802-672-2046


Scott Bishop
Phone: 802-439-3022
LIVE Removal of swarms, and existing hives, within a 75 mile radius of Montpelier, Vermont
Price: negotiable depending on how complex the removal is…could be free if the removal is straightforward!!


Bill Whyte
I’m available to remove swarms in Southern New Hampshire and Vermont.
W.S. Badger Company


To find a beekeeping group or club in Vermont, go to the Bee Clubs and Associations Page and select Vermont from the map, or see the Vermont Bee Club and Association Page.

Try to give the beekeeper as much information as you can about the location of the swarm, height above the ground, length of time they have been there and whether there are any special circumstances you think might be relevant.

People are often concerned that bee swarms they see may be Africanized bees, the so called killer bees. When bees swarm it’s very difficult to tell their origin, even Africanized bees are usually docile when they are swarming, be cautious and call an expert.

Many people believe that local honey is beneficial for allergies. While I’m not sure there is any clinical proof of this, I can see there might some sort of homeopathic effect.


Finding true local honey, which incidentally is delicious, can sometimes be difficult but contacting people on this list might be a good place to start if you’re looking for pure Vermont honey. Although Vermont bees are basically the same as bees in any other states, the honey they make will be determined by the local plants. The flavor of the honey is usually a combination of nectar from many different plants

Please tell the beekeeper when you call, that you found them on the Bees-on-the-Net Swarm List.

To be added to the swarm removal page for your state please go here and complete the form.

If there appear to be no Vermont beekeepers near you, try looking on pages for neighboring states, or check Vermont beekeeping groups or clubs. You could also try contacting the Vermont department of agriculture. If all else fails you could try contacting Vermont pest control companies or Vermont exterminators.

Speak to me about bee removal live via video link

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  • Eric Senn

    I do honeybee removal into hives to keep them on our farm with lots of wildflowers. I use no chemicals. Will also do pest bee removal in the greater Chittenden County area

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