I love to hear bee stories, both from beekeepers and people who’ve just see interesting things. When I go to collect a swarm there are almost always people watching. It’s not something most people see every day so I’m sure you have something interesting to tell, create your own story here.

Send them in, if they’re good, we’ll post them here. I prefer true stories, although sometimes it can be a little difficult to decide whether a story is true or the figment of someone’s imagination.

What’s Your Favorite Beekeeping Anecdote?

We’d love to share your bee stories. Most people have never seen a bee swarm, although I think everyone knows something about them. Perhaps you had a swarm of honey bees in your house, or saw a huge swarm on a tree in a parking lot and people were freaking out.

I’m hoping to gather enough to put into an eBook. All I ask is that you don’t mind me using them for that, and I’d like them to be true if possible. Whether it’s, like my own, a don’t try this at home story‘, something that happened to you, or just a story you heard from someone else, we want to hear all about it.

5 Responses to “Tell Us Your Favorite Bee Stories”

  • Janice Chapman

    As a relatively new beekeeper I was doing a cutout from the wall of a shed for some folks. My teenage son usually helped me, but was unavailable that day. As a result, after a long hot day, I was driving home at ten o’clock at night with a hive full of cutout bees in the back of my mini-van.

    Just crossing a bridge when BAMM!, deer on the bridge. Managed to limp over to side of road, off bridge, streaming radiator fluid. Great, just great. Horn blaring, I can’t get the hood open to even attempt to turn it off. Call 911.

    “Hello, I am just past the Rt 30 bridge and I just hit a deer. My van will need a tow.” “O.K. where’s the deer?” “What? I don’t know.” “O.K. we will sent a unit.” “Before you go, I should tell you I have bees in the vehicle. I am a beekeeper.” “What?’ “Bees” “What?” “Bee hive in van, beekeeper…” “Oh, O.K.”

    A black and white pulls up, officer gets out. “Hi, you O.K?” “Yeah” “Where’s the deer?” “What? I don’t know.” “Right. Get your license and regis…” Officer tries opening hood to turn off horn, no dice. Goes to get into my vehicle – “Before you do that, I have bees in the van.” “What!?” “Bees in the van, beekeeper….” ANOTHER black and white pulls up (Obviously a slow night.)

    New officer to first one “Hey, where’s the deer?” “She doesn’t know. She has BEES in her van!” “What?!” “Bees!” I’m off calling my husband to come and get me and the bees, as I know them going along to the tow yard is not an option.

    Tow truck shows up, a man that is six foot plus, 260 lbs or so, gets out. Starts the winch, heads for my van and reaches for the door. Me – “Um, I have bees in there.” Him – “WHAT!?” , freezes, then back pedals “I’m allergic to bees!” Luckily, my husband shows up about then, and we get the bees moved, so that the visibly nervous tow operator can go about his business.

    They never did find the deer.

    • Geoff

      Hi Janice

      I must say you’re more honest than I am. As long as the vehicle wasn’t teaming with bees I think I’d have ‘forgotten’ to mention them.

      Glad you’re ok. Keep up the good work,


    • Eric Sanchez

      Lol! Man I hope this happens to me,
      I don’t like catching a swarm
      Then have to be in traffic on the freeway…

  • Tom Burris Fitzpatrick

    I was about 13 or 14 and a typical kids. We had just moved to a new farm. Out behind the barn was a two sided pole building. Mom was busy unpacking, I never unpacked because we moved a lot, so I was out wondering around the farm.

    In the pole building there was a kitchen cabinet. I notice insect flying in and out and figured I would take a peek. The first door would not open, as if locked, so like the little girl and the three bears I tried door number two. Bingo it opened and inside was this beautiful white comb and the insects were all over it.

    None seemed to mind me Peeking in on them. I ran to the house to ask my mom what they were. We had lived in the city a few years before so I was clueless. I bugged her enough that she finally yielded to my being a bother, and went with me to see what was in the cabinet. She knew right away without having to open the door. But I asked her to look inside. So she did and walked away saying, “I will explain about the honey bees later, I have to get dinner and finish unpacking.

    Long story short, LOL, it turned out that my grandfather kept bees too!

    Foot note: My mother was born in 1909, so the information she gave me was older, but still worth gold to me.

    My dad, who I rarely spoke with or did anything but work and do chores, took me to an other older gentleman who had bees. His dad had passed and he was selling beehives and equipment. But seeing me so excited he gave me two hives and bees, and also came to our farm to instruct me as how to put the bees into a box hive. Turns out this gentle man had dated my mom, before she married and had me. My dad as far as I know never knew.

    • Geoff

      Wow Tom, what a great story! So a chance ‘meeting’ with some bees has had an enormous impact on your life. Do you still keep bees?

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