Michael from Los Angeles has bees in and owl box. This is quite a common occurance. If you think about it, an owl box or bird box is very similar in size to the Langstroth Hives which most beekeepers in the United States use. Putting it high in a tree only seems to make it more attractive to bees.

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This is Michael’s question:-

I put out a screech owl box 2 years ago. It’s about 30 feet high in a sweet gum tree in the woods beside my house. Never got any owls but this summer honey bees moved in and took over the box. There were thousands of them covering the entire box and honeycombs are visible in the box entrance.

About two weeks ago the bees disappeared. Is this disappearance normal or is something wrong? And, if the honey has been abandoned is it still good? If so for how long? Will the bees return? Any info would be appreciated.

If the bees are indeed gone and won’t return I’d like to lower the box to get some honey but I don’t want to do anything to cause the bees not to return. I like having them around.

Another odd thing is that I have a small garden about 100 feet from the bee hive and never saw a bee in the garden all summer. I had plenty of squash, zuchinni and okra blossoms. I thought it kind of strange not to see any bees at all working the blossoms.

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