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Problem with wild bee hive webcam?

Question: Thank you for this fascinating website. It has been very interesting to learn about bees and their behavior.

I couldn't get the webcam to work; I have a MacBook (Apple) and tried it in Safari and then FireFox. Apparently I need a plug-in that is unavailable (Flip4Mac 2.1) to view it in FireFox. I'm not sure what the issue is in Safari.

Is there anything that can be done about the wild beehive (i.e. a way to relocate them)?

Hi Ellie

I was experiencing a few technical problems with the wild bee hive camera, mostly as a result of the heavy rain we've been having. Unfortunately the wild bee hive 'problem' has solved itself. A few weeks ago I was sitting at my desk when I heard a loud buzzing outside. I had been out to where the camera was, to adjust it slightly, only minutes before. I went out again to find the air filled with bees, much like a regular swarm. I quickly went to my car to get my video camera, I was gone maybe a minute. By the time I returned there was not a honey bee in sight, in the air or on the combs.

Click triangle to play video, shot while the bees were still there.

Right-Click to play full screen.

This was pretty puzzling, bees don't usually vacate a hive. On careful inspection I noticed a trail of the insidious Argentine ants to and from the honeycombs, the feral bees had obviously been irritated to the point of relocating. These ants are so small, but fierce, the bees cannot do anything about them. I think that once the feral honeybees realized they couldn't protect themselves, they just moved on to another location. It is possible they were Africanized bees, often called killer bees by the mass media, since they are more inclined to abandon their hive and move somewhere else than European bee colonies.

I will be reinstating the webcam in a different form once I get the details worked out. In the meantime I hope you will be able to see our humming bird feeder. If the ants go there I think the humming birds will be able to cope a little better.

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