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Stolen Bee Hives

by Brad Court
(Rialto CA)

Beehives in Rural Locations are Vulnerable.

Beehives in Rural Locations are Vulnerable.

I live here in Rialto California San Bernardino County.

I currently had my hives at a lemon orchard for winter storage and at a avocado field.

Total of them was only six, three at each location it was a small start. But all were stolen, overnight without trace or forced entry to the gate.

Hi Brad

I'm really sorry to hear you had hives stolen. Unfortunately this does happen from time to time, since beehives are often kept in very isolated rural locations. Someone moving hives very early in the morning or late at night is not likely to attract much attention.

Many beekeepers mark their hive boxes with brands, branding irons are available from bee suppliers, sometimes the frames as well. I think it's unlikely marking them in this way would mean you'd get them back, but it might make a thief think twice before stealing them.

Have you notified your local beekeeping club or group? It might, at least, encourage other beekeepers to be vigilant and to mark their own hives. They might have noticed, and been suspicious of, someone 'acquiring' a quantity of used beehives.

I hope this won't sour you against beekeeping. Let's hope the perpetrator gets badly stung, wouldn't it be natural justice if they became seriously allergic to bee stings?

The Bee Guy

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