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Removing Bees in a Cinder Block Wall Between Property Lines

by AK
(Phoenix, Arizona)

I live in Arizona, where most homes are surrounded by cinder block walls. Today I had a bee removal company come to remove a hive in my cinder block wall, which boarders two other properties (where three property walls come together). He was able to remove some of the hive on my property and the home behind me, but was unable to access the remainder of the hive on the other wall due to access issues. He said that he would have to access the hive from the neighbors yard. Here's the problem: I was charged $395 for a removal of a hive that wasn't fully removed! He wants my neighbor to call him to remove the remainder of the hive and charge her $200 for this. He did say that the bees were africanized honey bees, but is this typical practice when a hive is on more than one property? they said they would guarantee the hive on my side, but what's the point when half the nest is still there? Any advice?

I have do have one suggestion, send another message and include your email address so I can reply directly.

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