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Oklahoma Swarm Removal

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Scroll down for a list of Oklahoma beekeepers who remove swarms and established bee colonies. Not all people will offer the same types of services, be prepared to pay for their work, these are specialized procedures requiring a great deal of skill and experience.

Please use caution when engaging anyone from this list
Bees-on-the-Net is unable to take responsibility for their services.

To find a beekeeping group or club in Oklahoma, go to the Bee Clubs and Associations Page and select Oklahoma from the map, or see the Oklahoma Bee Club and Association Page.

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Try to give the beekeeper as much information as you can about the location of the swarm, height above the ground, length of time they have been there and whether there are any special circumstances you think might be relevant.

People are often concerned that bee swarms they see may be Africanized bees, the so called killer bees. When bees swarm it's very difficult to tell their origin, even Africanized bees are usually docile when they are swarming, be cautious and call an expert.

Many people believe that local honey is beneficial for allergies. While I'm not sure there is any clinical proof of this, I can see there might some sort of homeopathic effect.

Finding true local honey, which incidentally is delicious, can sometimes be difficult but contacting people on this list might be a good place to start if you're looking for pure Oklahoma honey. Although Oklahoma bees are basically the same as bees in any other states, the honey they make will be determined by the local plants. The flavor of the honey is usually a combination of nectar from many different plants.

Please tell the beekeeper when you call, that you found them on the Bees-on-the-Net Swarm List.

To be added to the swarm removal page for your state please go here and complete the form.


Swarm Removal List

Ric Williams
Piedmont OK 73078
Cell: 405-550-4869
Free swarm removal

Jay Silver
Silver Honeybees
Oklahoma City Oklahoma 73127
Cell: 405-464-0773
FREE Swarm Removal, FREE Outside Colony Removal, Inside Colony Removal (Trap Outs, Cut Outs). When available: queens, nucleus hives, raw local honey, small scale pollination. Central Oklahoma.

Brad Roach
Company Best Friends Animal Clinic
Shawnee OK 74804
Cell: 405-250-7838
Holistic veterinary services and beekeeping.

Mark Runnels
Bartlesville Oklahoma 74006
Cell: 918-397-4091
Free removal of bees from your property, trees, etc. There is no cost since we keep the bees and start a new hive with them. We are hobby beekeepers, not a business. We serve Bartlesville and the surrounding area. Call us to discuss your bee problem.

Rodney Sandburg
Oklahoma City OK 73128
Cell: 405-919-7468
Bee swarm removal from Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman, Yukon, El-Reno, Mustang, Edmond and Midwest City. I collect the bees and re-locate them to my personal property near Mustang. I will do some light tear out removal. Most services are fast and free. There is no charge for me to come and take a look if you are unsure about removal.

Zac Patty
Bristow / Okmulgee Oklahoma 74010
Cell: 918-398-1652
Home: 918-367-9399
Free removal of swarms in Tulsa, Creek and Okmulgee counties.

Joyce Urban
Piedmont OK 73078
Cell: 405-620-6999
Piedmont OK, NW OKC, OK

Rick Hall
OK Bees
Yukon OK 73099
Cell: 405-473-5680
Complete honeybee swarm capture and building cutout removal. Covering Central Oklahoma. Services provided by beekeeping instructor for Central Oklahoma Beekeepers Association. Our bees are kept and put into apiaries all over the state. We help new and experience beekeepers to obtain bees.

Ken Davis
Company Little Creek Bee Ranch
Inola Oklahoma 74036
Office: 844-844-3961
Cell: 918-798-2251
We catch swarms, sell nucs, local honey, Bee Pollen, Creamed Honey, locally made-hand crafted bee hives and more!

Tom Dooly
Claremore OK 74017
Cell: 918-698-0551
Home: 918-343-3555
Explain the services you offer and area covered Swarms captured for free in Rogers County. Established colonies trapped out of trees and walls for free or close to it within 50 miles of Claremore, Ok. I will consider any type of bee removal, just give me a call or text me and we'll talk about it.

William Pierce
Oklahoma City OK 73137
Office: 405.-632-7507
Swarm removal on bushes, trees and ground level buildings. No tear outs.Oklahoma City, Ok area.

Mike Forbes
Oklahoma City OK 73159
Cell: 405-205-3034
Free swarm removal for central Oklahoma. I do not remove established colonies from structures or trees.

Merlyn Votaw
Quapaw OK 74363
Cell: 918-919-1445
Home: 918-673-9913
I will remove the bees from walls,trees,or barns any place with in 35 mile radius of Baxter Springs KS. usually for no charge but I keep the bees.

Mike Forbes
Oklahoma City OK 73159
Cell: 405-205-3034
Free swarm removal for all of central Oklahoma.

Jim Stinson
Wayne OK 73095
Office: 405-527-7670
Cell: 405-812-7552
I will remove noney bees anywhere they are and I don't kill them. about anywhere in the state of okla.

Gary Parks
Backwoods Wildlife Control
Frederick OK 73542
Office: 855-865-9453
Cell: 580-305-1228
Swarm Removal for all of Central, South, and Southwest Oklahoma. We also conduct trap-outs and complete hive cut-out. We are fully insured and licensed. All bee are removed and placed in into apiaries all over the state.

Dane Strickland
RJS Bee Farm
Owasso OK 74055
Phone: 918-698-1741
I perform swarm collection/relocation and tear outs in the Tulsa / Owasso/ Sperry / Collinsville / Claremore / Catossa areas. Find out about me on my webpage

Larry & Anna Coker
Henryetta OK 74437
Phone: 918-652-3673
We would like to help others contain honey bees if they do not want them. We live in the Henryetta, OK area and we would be glad to talk to anyone in that area. If there were several swarms then we might travel a distance.

Cary Brewer
Cleveland OK 74020
Phone: 918-358-2982
Cell: 918-284-7316
I am between Tulsa and Stillwater and will remove swarms in clusters. We have been removing swarms for over 10 years in the local area.

Clint Mcclure
Burbank OK 74633
Cell: 580-362-0015
Hi my name is clint and I would be more than glad to help with your bee needs I will trap swarms,trees and do cut outs if needed no charge for services. If the hives work out will ship you a jar of honey for the hive. I have been catching bees since I was young and have equipment ready Thanks

Wayne Brekke
Elk City OK 73644
Cell: 951-265-0829
Clustered swarms in the West Central Oklahoma area.

Bob Martin
Claremore OK 74017
Phone: 918-343-0071
Cell: 918-638-1260
Swarms clustered together on trees/bush or outside on buildings/structures. No tear outs.

Merlyn Votaw
Quapaw OK 74363
Cell: 918-673-9913
Home: 918-919-1445
The bees will get a home and not be killed, however sometimes height can be a problem. Usually the only payment is let me have the bees. I will go anyplace within 35 mile radius of Joplin Mo.

Fred Schroeder
Stillwater OK 74074
Home: 405-334-2636
We will remove swarms for free in the Stillwater, OK area. We will also remove bees from buildings, and can do either cut-outs or trap-outs. We do charge for removal from buildings, but fees are reasonable and fair, and based on the difficulty of the location of the hive.

Ken Davis
Inola OK
Phone: 918-798-2251
Will catch local swarms of honey bees. Covering the N.E. Oklahoma area. Give him a call at 918-798-2251 or e-mail at

Larry Durham
Serving central Oklahoma

Dr.Yoon Sik Kim
Shawnee OK
We have been removing bees in and around Oklahoma City area, in general, and Shawnee, Oklahoma , in particular, since year 2000. Here is the most recent removal article from Shawnee News Star (5/2007): We sell local honey raw, pure, and minimum-filtered to retain local pollen. We have regularly appeared in the local newspaer (Shawnee News Star) and at times one of the local TV networks (Channel 5) to talk about our bee-removal and other bee-related issues. We have also given bee-talks to civic organizations (schools, police/fire stations, gardening clubs, and real estate agencies, among others, to raise ecological and environmental concerns. Should you want us to remove bees or want us to visit your organization please give us a holler at (405) 214-7212. Thank you, in advance, for reading this information and contacting us. Let us save our bees! YSK HONEY FARM

Luke Sprague
Sperry OK 74073
Phone: 918-814-7753
FREE swarm removal Tulsa and surrounding areas

Bee Swarms and I also remove AHB and other stinging insects around Shawnee, OK, area.Oklahoma
YSK Honey Farm
Shawnee, OK
Phone: 405-214-7212

'the Beecharmer ' servicing most of NE Oklahoma- call me LR 'two hands' Sellers
500 S. Lynn Riggs Blvd - PMB312
Claremore, OK
Phone: 918-519-6244

Dana Brunson and John Homer
We are available to catch honey bee swarms around Stillwater, Oklahoma
Stillwater, Oklahoma
Phone: 405-372-3572

Lloyd Ziegler
Ace Bee and Wasp Control
Tulsa, OK
We remove honeybees and swarms from any structure in Tulsa and the surrounding area. We can do hive removal with no damage to the building.
Phone: 918-850-3820

John B. Husted
Swarm removal in Payne, Lincoln, and surrounding counties.
Phone: 405-567-7692

If there appear to be no Oklahoma beekeepers near you, try looking on pages for neighboring states, or check Oklahoma beekeeping groups or clubs. You could also try contacting the Oklahoma department of agriculture. If all else fails you could try contacting Oklahoma pest control companies or Oklahoma exterminators.

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