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Scroll down for a list of Iowa beekeepers who remove swarms and established bee colonies. Not all people will offer the same types of services, be prepared to pay for their work, these are specialized procedures requiring a great deal of skill and experience.

Please use caution when engaging anyone from this list
Bees-on-the-Net is unable to take responsibility for their services.

To find a beekeeping group or club in Iowa, go to the Bee Clubs and Associations Page and select Iowa from the map, or see the Iowa Bee Club and Association Page.

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Try to give the beekeeper as much information as you can about the location of the swarm, height above the ground, length of time they have been there and whether there are any special circumstances you think might be relevant.

People are often concerned that bee swarms they see may be Africanized bees, the so called killer bees. When bees swarm it's very difficult to tell their origin, even Africanized bees are usually docile when they are swarming, be cautious and call an expert.

Many people believe that local honey is beneficial for allergies. While I'm not sure there is any clinical proof of this, I can see there might some sort of homeopathic effect.

Finding true local honey, which incidentally is delicious, can sometimes be difficult but contacting people on this list might be a good place to start if you're looking for pure Iowa honey. Although Iowa bees are basically the same as bees in any other states, the honey they make will be determined by the local plants. The flavor of the honey is usually a combination of nectar from many different plants.

Please tell the beekeeper when you call, that you found them on the Bees-on-the-Net Swarm List.

To be added to the swarm removal page for your state please go here and complete the form.


Swarm Removal List

Scott Sievers
Company The Outyard Apiaries
Richland Iowa 52585
Cell: 641-919-6531
Removal services; Cut outs, trap outs and swarm removals. Please see removal services at

Mark Vagts
West Union Iowa 52175
Home: 563-422-6160
Will remove bee swarms from trees or shrubs

Jason Foley
Company Foley's Russian Bees
Des Moines Iowa 50320
Cell: 515-991-4666
We are a beebreeding company on the south side of Des Moines. We offer queens, nucs, packages, and beekeeping equipment. We also provide help with your beekeeping questions and needs, and provide swarm removal services.

Dave Hay
Wild Prairie Gardens
Middletown IA 52638
Cell: 319-572-4968
Will relocate swarms,for fuel expense. Can trap-out or remove bees that have set-up home in walls, trees etc for a fee depending on difficulty. Generally within a 60 miles radius of 52638.

Dick Link
Des Moines IA 50317
Cell: 515-314-7525
Remove honey bee that have swarmed and in your trees and bushes or wherever

Ron Glass
Bedford Iowa 50833
Phone: 712-523-2686
Free swarm removal outside. Estimates given for buildings. Southwest Iowa and surrounding areas.

Rik Haendler
Fairfax Iowa 52228
Phone: 319-929-1141
Honeybee swarm removal, free if not in or attached to a building. Estimates if bees are living in a building. Cedar Rapids Iowa City Corrador

Gary Gnade
Briar Farm Beekeeping
Iowa City Iowa 52240
Phone: 319-594-6188
Swarm and Honey Bee colony removal. Iowa City and surrounding area. Difficulty will determine the cost. Easy will be Free!

Jason Fitz
Ames Iowa 50010
Phone: (515)460-2879
Honey bee removal in the Ames area

John Brennan
Creston IA 50801
Phone: 641-782-3795
Honey bee removal, honey for sale and soon, bees wax, candles, etc..... areas of SW Iowa, Creston, Afton, Winterset, Corning and surrounding areas.

Janice Chapman
Central City IA 52214
Phone: 319-854-6706
Cell: 319-329-0068
Swarm removal & established colony removal. Eastern & Central Iowa

Edwin Geels
637 S. Meadow Drive
Sioux Center, Iowa 51250
Phone: 712-722-3003

Jerry Smith
Western Iowa
Phone: 712-374-2845

Bill Ruble
Catch swarms in Osceola Iowa area. It is about 50 miles south of Des Moines.
South Central Iowa
Phone: 641-342-8538

Dave & Mary Lou Cook
Catching swarms in the Cedar Rapids/Marion area.
Cedar Rapids IA 52404
Phone: 319-364-4449

Why Beez
Located in the Quad Cities area of IL and IA
Phone: 309-737-3508

If there appear to be no Iowa beekeepers near you, try looking on pages for neighboring states, or check Iowa beekeeping groups or clubs. You could also try contacting the Iowa department of agriculture. If all else fails you could try contacting Iowa pest control companies or Iowa exterminators.

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