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"Hummingbird Bees"

by Nancy
(Rehoboth, MA USA)

Photo courtesy Fr Anthony

Photo courtesy Fr Anthony

Photo courtesy Fr Anthony PA sighting - Judy T

Frequenting my butterfly bushes and bee balm is an inordinately large bee - you can see its wings fluttering just like a hummingbird.

A neighbor told me it is a "hummingbird bee". This must be a common name, since I have been unable to find this name in searches I have done. There is an Asian bee that looks the size, but according to what I read, it is not in North America. I am in southeastern Mass. USA

Thanks! I love it when I see this handsome bee, but have no idea about its origins!


Hi Nancy

I've heard of a Bee Hummingbird but never a Hummingbird Bee. I'm afraid I don't know for certain what this is, if you have a photo of it I'd love to see it.

I was able to find a few references to, and the photo above by kind permission of FrAnthony, something which might fit your description.

Click on the white triangle to play video.

Right-Click to play full screen.

It's not really a bee, but a moth, and is certainly an interesting looking insect. If anyone else knows anything about this I'd love to hear from them. Contact Us.

The Bee Guy

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