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Feb 21, 2014
Snowberry Clearwing Hemaris diffinis: Bumblebee mimic
by: Anonymous

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Feb 21, 2014
hummingbird(bee) moth
by: Anonymous

We have them here in Central PA:
Some information of the hummingbird(bee) moth:

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Sep 19, 2013
It is actually a moth.
by: Ted

I don't know if anyone already posted but they are not bees, there are a type of moth. I'm sure someone posted this previously. But I want to put it down at the bottom for quicker reference. Here's a link to check out a little more info.

Click here for more information.

Sep 12, 2013
just saw two of these
by: Anonymous

We just saw two of these outside a restaurant in Louisville, KY lived here my entire life never seen one before they have a hummingbird like "beak" and antenae what are these things?

Sep 04, 2013
Hummingbird Bee
by: Joyce

I have seen one here in Rosiclare, IL on my butterfly bush recently. I had never seen one before. What I would like to know is, is it a bee or moth and will it hurt/sting you?

[No, I'm pretty sure they can't sting.

The Bee Guy]

Aug 28, 2013
interesting insect
by: Carla

Seen them here in Lake Village IN. they love my Russian sage plants. They were covered with them, will they sting? I know it says it is a moth, I was wondering, I kept my grand baby away from the bush cause I thought it was some kind of bee.

Pretty cool insect never seen one before nor heard of them until my brother said his neighbor has them in her yard. He is in Cedar Lake IN. My brother said not to kill them and I had no intentions to do that I just left them alone and let them eat I think they are interesting, why harm them?

Aug 25, 2013
Hummingbird Bees
by: Kelly

I live in Wisconsin and have been seeing these and didn't know what they were. At first thought they were baby hummingbirds but they had the antenas. They are really cool flying around all my flowers.

Aug 22, 2013
beautiful creatures
by: Becky

I live in Martinsburg, WV and I have a whole family of hummingbird bees living in my butterfly bush. They are really awesome creatures and neat to watch.

Aug 19, 2013
In Pei
by: Noreen

I recently saw this in my garden in Fortune, Prince Edward Island, Canada and the next night there was a picture of one on the news . Fascinatingblow

Aug 10, 2013
Hummingbird Bee
by: Jessi Hewig

Sighting for the second time this summer in Evansville, IN! I got a picture this time too.
It loves the tall phlox, so I'll be planting plenty more next year.

[Hi Jessi

If you send the photo to me I'd love to post it.

The Bee Guy]

Aug 06, 2013
Amazing Specimen
by: Sherry

I enjoy flower gardening and each year I have one of these amazing creatures visit my flowers daily during summer warm months.

Aug 06, 2013
Hummingbird Bee
by: bobobill

I saw one of these flittering around my white Phlox, I live in western Michigan. How rare are these?

Aug 01, 2013
Got a video today
by: r Weston

We live in St. Louis, MO saw this on the lilac bush super cool looking.

Jul 25, 2013
Humming Bird Bee
by: Anonymous

Kentucky sighting:

I see theses amazing looking hummingbird bees from time to time in my back yard around my butterfly bush. At first I thought it was a very small humming bird, but the closer I looked, you can see the difference.

Jul 14, 2013
Moth Hummingbird Bee
by: patricia

Whatever these insects actually are... they are in New York... We use to see hummingbirds, not many anymore. For the last few years they have been all over my butterfly bush as soon as it begins to bloom. :)

Jul 11, 2013
Hummingbird Bee
by: Terry Anderson

I live in South Central PA, and a couple years ago, when I still had my 2 big mimosa trees, I had these creatures. At first I thought they were some sort of baby hummingbird, but we caught one and realized it wasn't. We had no idea what they were. Glad I saw this I know what they were! Thanks!

Jul 11, 2013
Hummingbird Bee
by: Kristine

I live in southern Illinois and have seen several of the hummingbird bees all over my petunias and butterfly bush. I took a chance and typed in hummingbird bee in google and landed here to find the picture and description that it is really a moth. Thanks to all who have posted information and pictures.

Jun 19, 2013
by: Anonymous

I saw one today in Standish, Maine.

Jun 09, 2013
Hummingbird Bees
by: Anonymous

I've been getting something like this visiting my phlox for the past couple of summers. I don't have a picture, though. It never seems to mind when my kids or I hang out nearby when it's visiting.

Jun 05, 2013
Hummingbird Bees
by: Anonymous

We are in New Hampshire. My girls saw one on our walk today. I was pleased to be able to tell them it was a "Hummingbird Bee" glad that we saw it.

May 19, 2013
I Saw One in my Yard
by: Dave

I don't know if it's bird, bee or moth but one showed up this morning in the hanging plant I have to attract hummingbirds. Looks as the pictures/video, but is camera shy so far here. I am on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, just north of Rochester, New York.

Apr 26, 2013
Hummingbird "Bee"
by: Martin. Kiraly

I think that some of the sightings of "Hummingbird" bees are actually a large fly of the family BOMBYLIIDAE, which is also common in Europe and can be identified on wikipedia. Also there is a moth called the "Hummingbird" Hawk Moth, which has a longer proboscis and a "fantail" rear end. resembling a hummingbird,
I hope that this clears-up some of the mysteries of what you have seen in your gardens. Birds, Flies And Moths adopting the same technique of feeding during flight. AMAZING !!



Apr 26, 2013
by: Martin. Kiraly

I live in the village of Blaby, Leicestershire U.K.
I too have "Bees" visiting my garden which behave like the Hummingbird Hawk moth, I have seen a hummingbird hawk moth which is a fair bit larger than the "hovering" Bee which is about 12 to 15 mm long. The Bee also has shorter mouth parts (beek) which is only about half its body length, with transparent wings. It`s flight is very precise and controlled - unlike a common bee !!, I will try to get photo/video of one to post on this page. Maybe we can then solve this mystery.

Sep 13, 2012
Hummingbird Bees in Alabama
by: Susan

Was so glad to read all the comments on this strange looking insect. I live in Alabama and have had these curious little creatures in my flower garden for several years now.

At first I thought I was finally seeing a baby hummingbird but on closer inspection I realized that was not it at all. Love to watch them and they love my butterfly bushes, so no matter what it actually is, just watch and enjoy.

Sep 04, 2012
Hummingbird Bees
by: JAppolin

I live in Pasadena MD I've seen humming bird bees when I was a kid in th 80's but haven't seen one in years. Then the other day there were two of them around our butterfly bush. I don't know if it was the mild winter we had last year or what, but I hope they come back.

[Wow I was excited for a minute when I saw Pasadena I thought you'd seen one in California.

The Bee Guy]

Sep 03, 2012
I saw this In Ohio!
by: Anonymous

I grew up in near Akron Ohio... and at the age of 10 my mother would make me weed her gardens. She had a big beautiful purple butterfly bush. while walking by one day I noticed what I thought was a hummingbird.. I looked closer... and noticed it looked like a big bee but it was also birdlike.

I was very curious and would often go search for this bug... one day I came up right behind it and actually caught one in a jar! I layed the jar down on the porch.. and after analyizing it... decided to open the lid... as I did it flew away and I've never seen one since!

I am now thrilled to have found your picture and know I wasnt crazy... because there are bee hummingbirds!

Aug 25, 2012
Hummingbird Bee Moth
by: Barbara

We have them in Long Island NY also.

Aug 09, 2012
Have a Hummingbird Bee in Bayville NJ
by: Louise

I just took pictures of this strange bird/bee on my butterfly bush. I wasn't sure what it was and posted its' picture on facebook. Someone responded that it was a Hummingbird Bee. Came on your site and can verify that that is what I have. I have some great photos if you're interested.

[Hi Louise

I'd love to see them, perhaps you could email them to


The Bee Guy]

Aug 01, 2012
Here too...
by: Holly

We live in Bradford PA near the NY/PA border. We have many flowers on our property including two butterfly bushes. This year we saw these funny little creatures for the first time.

Jul 25, 2012
Hummingbird Bee
by: Karen

I have seen the humming bird bee in my garden in North Western New Jersey. I never knew what it was until recently when a friend told me. I just saw one today. They are so beautiful! Would like to know more about them.

Jul 24, 2012
Have seen the bees in Sudbury, MA
by: Thelma

My husband and I just saw them. I have flower boxes all around our deck to attract hummingbirds and tonight was the second time we've seen them! I thought it was some kind of a baby hummingbird. I'm glad I found this website!

Jul 23, 2012
Hummingbird Bee Spotted In Maine
by: Shannon

Just spotted in Maine! Southern Maine Coast. I saw this hummingbird/bee at my flowers in the window box. Long "tongue" for sticking into flowers, large wings and long body. colors of the body where black and yellow, like a bee and fuzzy! I simply typed in "hummingbird bee" in google search and this is the first site I found! Interesting creature!

Jul 14, 2012
Saw a Hummingbird Bee in Annapolis, MD
by: Brenda

We were at a nursery, admiring the petunias. There was a bee, buzzing and drinking from the flowers. When I looked more closely - he looked like a cross between a hummingbird and a bee. He was very brave - we were very close to him, observing and it didn't seem to bother him at all. It was really astonishing.

Jul 13, 2012
Hummingbird Bee
by: Liz

We live in the Kingston Ontario area (Southeastern Ontario Canada) and my husband saw at least 4 of these amazing critters today in our flower garden feeding at the purple hosta flowers.

[Hi Liz

Why does everyone except me see these moths?

The Bee Guy]

Jul 11, 2012
Sighting in Vermont
by: d Flynn C Rose

My friend and I saw this bee/moth where we live in central Vermont. Does anyone know if they make cacoons, or anything else about them?

[Hi Flynn

If they`re moths I suppose they must pupate.

The Bee Guy]

Jul 08, 2012
Sighted in NY
by: Lynn

I live in Binghamton, NY which is about 20 minutes from the PA border. My mom and dad started seeing two hummingbird bees about a week or so ago. They said it looked like a cross between a humming bird and a cray fish. I thought they had had a little too much sun since their gardens are frequented often by humming birds.

I finally saw what they had were talking about yesterday! The front end looks just like a male humming bird, vibrantly colored. The back end without being able to get a closer look is reminiscent of the articulated body of a cray fish or bee. We're wrong on both counts since it turns out to be a moth. A very interesting little critter! I'm going to research it a little more now that I know it is a moth. :>)

[Hi Lynn

I'm pleased to hear your parent's garden isn't also frequented by crayfish.

The Bee Guy]

Jul 07, 2012
PA sighting
by: Judy T

I shared your site on Facebook and uploaded a picture, but I'm not sure how to send one here.

[Hi Judy

You can email photos to

The Bee Guy]

Jul 07, 2012
PA sighting
by: Judy T

I live in PA, and have a huge butterfly bush. I just saw one of these awesome creatures today, on the bush!! I took pictures of and googgled it and found your site!

[Hi Judy

You're very lucky, I'd love to see one. How did the pictures turn out?

The Bee Guy]

Jun 22, 2012
Hummingbird Bee - Laurel, Mississippi
by: Jennifer

I live in Laurel, Mississippi and I have seen them here. I think that they are so cute. I love to watch them. Haven't seen one in awhile though.

Jun 03, 2012
Colorful as a Male Hummingbird.
by: Bonnie

Yes, I have seen the hummingbird bee and it is as colorful as a male hummingbird.

It doesn't come every year but it is the smartest bee I have ever seen. I would love to hear from other people who have the vistors.

Thanks, Bonnie

May 31, 2012
True northern exposure
by: Monica

Hey people say these little gems are only in the U.S of A; no they are not! We have them in Burks Falls Ontario. That's right the true north Ontario!

May 29, 2012
Hummingbird Bee
by: Anonymous

I also live in southern WI. and I saw one a few years ago and thought I was crazy. Until today when my daughter and husband both saw it with me.

Hey I'm not crazy after all. So is it a bee or a moth?

[It is a moth! But you could still be crazy! - Just Kidding!]

Apr 02, 2012
In Texas too
by: Leslie Todd

These bees or whatever are very busy on my sage right now. I'm in north Texas. They move so fast and continuously that they are very difficult to photograph.

Sep 05, 2011
Humming Bees
by: Anonymous

I also have many of these liitle bees and a neighbor told me they were called Humming Bird Bees. They go to the flowers I have plant for butterflies.
I'm in South Florida.

Aug 26, 2011
Hummingbird Moth
by: Rick

Just saw one (in amazement) at a party in Wisconsin August 20th... I thought someone had drugged by beer.

Aug 21, 2011
Hummingbird Bees
by: Anonymous

I was at my mom's yesterday in Ontonagon, MI and she had two of these little critters in her purple floxs. What an interesting little thing.

Apr 10, 2011
We Called Then Fairy Bees
by: Glenn Repass

I have seen these many times where I live. We always called them Fairy Bees. They are realy called clear winged moths.

I use to catch when I was a kid so I've studied them very closely. I have always loved them.

[Thanks Glen,

I'm not sure fairies are that scary looking.

The Bee Guy]

Mar 29, 2010
The Hummingbird Clearwing Moth
by: Nancy Again

Thanks so much. The YouTube video gave me chills - that is exactly the creature that I see.

On looking up varieties, I see many vibrant-colored ones, but the one I see is the color of the one videoed on YouTube. What a perfect song accompaniment.

Is this FrAnthony's video? I didn't see any credits. Whomever did it - Thank you so very much - you made my day, especially since it is rainy windy (again) here in New England. "April (March?) showers bring May flowers". The Forsythia sooner - Halleluiah!

PS. I am a poet, and the Hummingbird Clearwing (nee Bee) is a part of a summer poem I am writing called "Jubilee". Now it is clarified. A fantastic website here. Spring Blessings.

[Thanks Nancy

The video was by SkiDiveGuy. I hope you'll send us the poem when it's finished, to include here.

The Bee Guy]

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