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Win free honey, mailed to you anywhere in the world! It's so easy a child can do it.

Simply take a look around the site for the live secret question. Somewhere you will find a secret question. It will be a very easy question, even if you don't know the answer, you'll be able to find the answer elsewhere on Bees-on-the-Net.

TIP: You'll recognize the question when you see it because it will be totally out of context with the rest of the text which surrounds it. The answer will only be one or two words,you won't need to write a long explanation.

The question can be on ANY page on the website except this one. When you have the answer, just click on the Free Honey link which is at the top of every page which will bring you back here, fill in the form below and press the [Send my Honey] button..

The first person that submits the correct answer will receive the free honey, a jar of our delicious local honey by mail, absolutely free of charge, we even pay for the shipping!

Once we receive the first winning answer to a question, the question will be removed and another question placed somewhere else on the website within a few days and a new competition begins. So there's nearly always a chance to win free honey! Winner's names will by published on the site. Receipt of honey may be dependant on local import restrictions if you are outside the United States.

Congratulations, and a jar of free honey, to:

Kim Miller of Kentucky How many wings does a honeybee have? 2 pairs, or 4 wings
Nathaniel Allen of Idaho What is a male honeybee called? A drone
Adriene Mazur of California What is the name for the large cluster of bees which hangs on a branch temporarily? A swarm
Randy Michaniuk of Manitoba Why do bees make honey? The most important reason is to enable them to keep warm and survive the winter.
Danny Clark of Kentucky Are worker bees male or female? Female
Julie Johnson of Wyoming What is the main source of protein which bees feed to their larvae? Pollen


If you don't have the patience to look for the secret question, or you just can't find it, you can leave the Free Honey page and order honey online here.

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