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Can I Have a Bee Hive in City Limits?

by Shane Staggs
(Holdrege, NE)

I am interested in beekeeping as a hobby, I was reading about a top bar hive design? Are there any beekeepers near me?

Am I able to have a hive in town or city limits. Are there any city or town ordinances preventing this?

Hi Shane,

Those are good questions, but I'm afraid there are no easy answers.

If you're just starting out a KTBH is certainly worth considering. Go here to find out more about Kenya Top Bar hives.

Check the Bee Removal page for beekeepers in your state and neighboring states. You might also try Beekeeping Clubs and groups near you.

Beekeeper groups are an invaluable resource for many aspects of beekeeping. If there is no group in your area consider starting one yourself. A group was recently started in San Diego by posting on

To see what regulations there are in your area, it varies enormously from place to place, see State Apiarists, if you can't get hold of someone who can help you contact the City or County.

If you think your own garden or land is not suitable for any reason, don't despair, it's often possible to find someone who has land which is suitable who would be glad to let you keep bees there for the occasional jar of honey. Try contacting people through

I would definitely urge you not to put it off until your situation 'allows' it. The amount of time, effort, space and money required need not be great. I put off starting to keep bees for a number of years because I thought I didn't live somewhere suitable, now I know that delay was unnecessary.

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