You won’t typically see top bar hives for sale with bees. Top bar hives (TBH), were originally developed for beekeepers in Africa. However the TBH combines simplicity with many other advantages. It does not use frames, rather it uses slats of wood called top bars, which is of course how the hive received its name.

Instead of filling out frames, the bees build comb from the top bars down. The bar is the only means of support that combs have in this type if hive. Unlike most other hive designs, the TBH does not impose artificial segregation of the colony by physically dividing honey from brood by use of separate hive bodies, rather the entire hive is made of a single chamber.

Top Bar Beehive beekeeping is a healthy and sustainable method of beekeeping, it allows bees to make their own natural beeswax the way that suits them – and make the honeycomb cells in the size that they need them to be.

There is much controversy about whether the size of the hexagon pattern ion foundation, used in conventional framed hives, is the correct size for bees. They do it by building their comb straight down from “bars” that set across the “top” of the interior cavity of the Top Bar Beehive.

top-bar-combThis mirrors exactly the way bees build combs in wild situations. They fix the combs to the top of their chosen space with little or no attachment to the sides.

This natural beeswax is important for strengthening the bees’ immune systems, and helping to combat Varroa mite infestations and other diseases that have been affecting the honeybee. It is also free of any poisonous chemical treatments.

The Back Yard Hive company make high quality top bar hives. People have been worried by the frightening problems that honeybees have been experiencing of late, and now they can help turn this trend around. The BackYard hive is hand crafted with care to provide you with the best possible home for your bees. It includes precision-milled top bars, an important feature that helps encourage the bees to construct perfectly parallel combs. Another special feature is the glass observation window that is built in to the side of every BackYard hive. This window allows you to watch the progress of your hive without having to open the top every time you want to take a look.

beekeeper holding up top bar with comb


It’s Better for the Beekeeper! This type of hive is better for bees, yes, but it’s also better for the beekeeper. It is often said that there is no such thing as a beekeeper without a bad back – due to all the heavy lifting involved with conventional beekeeping equipment. Click here to request more information about top bar hives for sale.

The Gold Star Top Bar hive stands on legs at counter-height, eliminating awkward bending and stretching. The top bar hives for sale here is a kit, a complete self-contained unit and honey is removed from the hive one “top bar” at a time – avoiding the lifting of 40 to 80 pound boxes.

It’s easy to manage! Managing bees in a top bar hive requires no additional expensive or complicated equipment. The unit contains everything you need to enjoy your hive – there are no extra wooden parts needing stored while not in use, and no need for such things as electric capping knives or extractors. In fact, simple is better when it comes to keeping bees. It’s Better for Bees, It’s Better for Beekeepers, It’s Just Better.

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