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Click on your state to see a list of Beekeepers who provide bee removal in your area. If you have a swarm of honeybees, or an established bee colony, call an experienced specialist. First make sure you really do have a problem.

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Be prepared to pay for bee nest removal services, please remember these people are experts, they know how to deal with bee hive removal in a safe way for you, and the bees. If you see a swarm of bees, leave them alone and call someone on the beekeeper list!

If you're looking for a beekeeping group or bee club see the Beekeeper Clubs and Associations page. If you collect swarms and offer bee removal, click here to be added to the Beekeepers' Swarm Removal List .

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Perhaps you're thinking about becoming a beekeeper, Click Here. Swarming bees are probably at their most docile. Before they left their previous location they ate as much honey as they could to keep them going until they set up their new home. They're usually feeling pretty good at that point, however this is not always the case. I was told that 'Swarming bees never sting.' - It isn't true.

If you believe that the swarm should be removed, DO NOT TRY THIS YOURSELF! This is a job for someone knowledgeable and experienced who can safely take them away and provide a suitable removable-frame hive in a rural location. In many states it is illegal to keep bees in anything other than a removable-frame hive, which allows a state inspector to inspect the colony for disease.


It is often thought that a swarm or colony of bees has intrinsic value. Unfortunately this is not necessarily the case. Once a swarm is collected that isn't the end of it.

Apart from the fact that the swarm requires transportation, a hive, frames, foundation and feed, it's never guaranteed that the bees will be healthy and non-Africanized. Sometimes the swarm decides it does not like their new hive and simply moves on again, leaving nothing but bills. The expense for gas, time and bee equipment such as hives, frames and wax foundation, is considerable. Don't forget the beekeeper clothing in the form of a bee suit.

If you are considering calling an exterminator please remember that bees are in crisis at the moment. In many cases a pest company will be more expensive than a beekeeper.

If you remove beehives and collect swarms click here to be added to the Beekeepers' Swarm Removal List .

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