Have you ever thought about how to start beekeeping? Bee careful, backyard beekeeping is a fascinating hobby, you might catch the bug. It’s amazing how many people I speak to who know someone who keeps or has at one time kept bees.

Often it’s their father, uncle, grandfather or in my case, an old gentleman who lived near me when I was a boy. A great many people say they would like to keep bees….. “but”, there’s always a but. Click here to find out the Top 10 Reasons people give for NOT keeping bees.

If you’ve already made up your mind, read on. It’s certainly a fascinating pastime or business to get into. Swarm of honey bees in a tree.

Even if you’re not planning to keep bees I’m sure you’ll be interested to find out more about everything associated with their lives. One of my favorite parts is collecting a swarm from a tree branch, as long as it’s not too high up.

Capturing a swarm may be the most exciting part of keeping bees and needs a certain amount of nerve. If you’re not intending to keep bees but just need to have a swarm removed, it would be best to consult a professional.

Of course the idea of keeping bees to make honey is very attractive, but it isn’t just a matter of getting a hive and finding a swarm of bees. The hive has to be managed quite carefully, inspected regularly, perhaps treated for disease and fed in the autumn. If you’d like to know more about how to start beekeeping click here. A quicker way to get started is buying a honey bee hive from an experienced local beekeeper this can be a great way to go, if you proceed with caution and get some bee suits and beekeeping clothing.

I like to take pictures to document my bee activities, especially swarms. Digital photography makes it so easy to record events and upload them to a website, forum or send them to someone anywhere in the world for an opinion.

Finding a site for a bee hive can be a challenge, particularly somewhere with many people living nearby, however it can be done. If I had known what I know now I would have started ten years earlier.

Be warned if you obtain a few beekeeping hives it may take over all your spare time, and more. But you will also gain a wealth of knowledge when you start beekeeping. Who knows it might influence other aspect of your life. There is much to be learned from the honey bee.

When people start to think about keeping bees, the first thing I advise them to do is read a few books on the subject. It’s much better to get several different perspectives rather than thinking that there’s only one way to keep bees.

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