This is in my opinion the best bee suit available. Please read the Bee suit comparison here

Certainly there are many cheaper bee suits, but the UltraBreeze suits are made from mesh which enables cooling air to pass through and yet the layers of mesh make it virtually impossible for the bees’ sting to penetrate.

UltraBreeze Bee suit

Full suit with Hood

Jacket with Hood

Hood only

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  • sam

    I see the price is the same so what is the difference of ordering from you “bees on the net” vs ordering from ? are they the same? are you reselling them or what? thanks

  • Dave Polmon

    I have a sizing question or two. I’m 6′ 0″, and “generously-sized” pushing 300 lbs. I can still fit 2XL sweatshirts, say, but lately have been more comfortable in 3XL when I can find them. From your description it sounds like I can get by with a 2XL, if they are sized generously. All the dimensions in the chart seem OK with the exception of the center-of-crotch to neck, which on me seems to be short by some 4 inches. Something isn’t right, as I wear regular fit and never long. Thoughts?
    Also, I’d like to get a second suit for my wife to use (probably infrequently) or for curious visitors. She’s 5′ 5″ and will wear a unisex XL sweatshirt. Would a general XL be good for a “visitor” size?

    • Geoff

      Hi Dave

      Yes that sounds right for you. The sizing of the suits is quite accurate. As for the visitor’s suit, a lot depends on the size of your visitors. ;-D You could buy yours and see how it fits and that might help you accessing the second suit.


  • John templet

    How well does the ultra breeze full suit protect from other stinging insects such as wasps, yellow jackets and hornets? I’m thinking of trying one for protection while clearing land

    • Geoff

      Hi John

      The Ultrabreeze suit is comprised of three layers of mesh. The idea is that the total thickness of the three layers means that a bee sting, or i suppose any sting, is not long enough to reach your skin underneath. However since it’s mesh, air can flow through, helping to keep you cool. My only reservation about wearing an Ultrabreeze suit while clearing land, is that I’m wondering whether it might be susceptible to tearing from large thorns etc.


  • Andrew Vining

    Would this suit be suitable for the Australian stingless native bee ?
    Just want to stop them from crawling under my shirt and also crawling over my head. They only bite.
    Do you post to Australia ? if so How much to Brisbane, Queensland.
    Thank you,

    • Geoff

      Hi Andrew

      This suit would certainly prevent stingless bees from crawling over you. I especially like the fact that the zip goes all the way up the outside of the leg, making it very easy to get on and off, even if you’re wearing boots.

      Shipping to Australia would be US$52, so a suit would be US$311 including shipping.

      Let me know if you have more questions.


  • Bob Holloway

    I am looking to buy one of your suits but can you give me some indication of the size to choose, I am 5’10” tall, waist 38″ chest 46″. In the past i have found bee suits to be quite tight even if large is chosen.

    Also can you tell me the shipping and import duty costs to the UK. I have the option of having it sent to Ithaca, NY though I will not be able to use it this season in that case.

    • Geoff

      Hi Bob

      The size of the Ultrabreeze is more generous than foreign made suits. I have an XL which is a generous fit, see explanation below, but a ‘regular’ XL suit is usually quite tight.

      Measurement Chart for Ultrabreeze.

      Jacket Measurements

      These measurements may seem large but remember you want the fabric to be loose around your body. If your jacket is too large or small, just ship it back and we send you the next size up or down free of charge.

      Length – You want the length of the jacket to be long enough to at least cover your belt line. You may want to check this measurement while bending over.

      Back of Neck to Cuff – This measurement might seem to be too large, but it is one inch longer than the Mann-Lake economy jumpsuit. You do need the extra length in the legs for when you are bending over or stooping to pick something up. When you do these activities, your pants cuffs will ride up exposing your ankles. The extra length prevents this from happening. If the pants legs are too long, have a tailor shorten the leg. Use this measurement to check the front also, if you have a large stomach.

      Back of Neck to Center of Crotch – To check this measurement you might measure a suit that currently fits you. Remember when you bend down or squat the crotch will ride up. Again, use this measurement to check the front if you have a large stomach.

      Waist/Gut – This is the absolute maximum diameter of the suit in the stomach area. You want this number to be large enough so the jacket moves freely. To check this measurement compare it to an existing jacket or take a tape measure and see how loose each size is.


    • Geoff

      Hi Laura

      We can certainly ship to Canada, the shipping cost would be $17 for a jacket or $30 for a full suit.


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