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We will keep you updated with new additions to our website from time to time. But we hope that you return to visit us often and perhaps send in your own contribution, we love to hear from our visitors!

Perhaps you have an interesting story or anecdote about bees or beekeeping. If you do, please tell us all about it by going to the YOUR Anecdotes page.

We’re trying to compile an eBook with a collection of such stories. We’d love to include your experiences too.

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2 Responses to “Get More Swarm Calls”

  • phil young

    I find it difficult to update my info . Having to re-enter data that’s not going to change is redundant. Can I just change what needs to be changed?

    • Geoff

      Hi Phil

      The problem with that is that if you only enter the information which has changed, there’s no way to identify the original listing. It’s much easier for me if you complete the whole form as you want it to appear on the page.


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