A bee hive inside a wall is probably not something you’d want, even in your garage wall. Bees build their nests in the most surprising and often inconvenient places.

Wherever bees find a space which they think is large enough to accommodate their combs they will try to make their home. I have seen colonies inside house roofs, wall siding, trash cans, hollow trees, under sheds, storage bins, even sprinkler boxes.

People ask me how they can stop bees making a nest inside something again, after they have been removed. The only real answer I can come up with is to seal all holes bigger than about ΒΌ” in diameter. If that is not possible, fill the cavity with something, perhaps insulation or foam.

In the case of sprinkler boxes and electrical breaker boxes, get a mesh bag and fill it with polystyrene packing peanuts. Put the bag of peanuts inside the box so there is no room for bees to build, but it can be removed to gain access to the sprinkler controls or breakers.

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