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9 Responses to “Contact Us”

  • FlatlinedGamer

    I have some information on the mysterious hummingbird bee. It’s actually a Hawk Moth. Their larva is the Tomato or Horn Worm. I’m always happy to see another pollinator!

  • Dawn

    I just saw a hummingbird bee in my flowers on my porch. Just like the one in your picture. I am in southern New Jersey.

  • Rose

    Hi, I live in Rockingham county, nc and have been seeing these “humming bird bees” for the past few years..they are very interesting and I just decided to try searching for them online an your website was my first hit…I’d like to learn more about what they really are.

    • Rose

      Just found out they are called Sphinx Moth, the bee colored one is called a ‘snowberry clearwing’

    • Geoff

      Several species of the genus Hemaris deserve the name hummingbird bee or moth, and for very good reason. They fly and move just like hummingbirds.

  • RoxAnn


    We put in a request to change info about a week ago. I understand you are busy and if possible we don’t mind making a donation, again for your time to make these changes if needed. We are so sorry for the changes, we ran into a few hick-ups starting out but have things squared away.


    • Geoff

      Hi RoxAnn

      I did reply to you by email soon after you the post.

      To make changes simply go here, http://www.bees-on-the-net.com/home-page/get-on-the-bee-removal-list/, fill in the new details and select the update radio button at the bottom.

      This is a free service to our visitors, although we do offer an enhanced service which hyperlinks your email address, web address or both.

      Even if you don’t need an enhanced listing, but find this service useful, donations are always appreciated. Click here to make a donation by PayPal.


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