I’ve finally decided I should create a beekeeping blog. Since much of my life revolves around bees, beekeeping and bee removal it makes sense that I should be blogging.

I’m fortunate to live in San Diego where the weather is so good that bees are active all the year. In most parts there are always plants flowering. This means that the need to leave a large quantity of honey for ‘the winter’ isn’t really relevant here. Ever place has its challenges, here it’s probably rainfall, because plants need moisture in order to produce nectar. San Diego is technically desert, having low rainfall, we’re currently in the grips of a drought making it difficult for bees to find enough nectar.

It’s also quite hot, so when bees go looking for water to use to cool down the hive, they often visit people’s swimming pools, much to the chagrin of the swimmers. Ever place has it’s challenges, heat, cold, drought, wet and humidity. Fortunately honeybees are enormously adaptable so they’re able to cope with many different situations, which is of course why they’re so successful.

I plan to add beekeeping blog posts which relate to the particular conditions prevailing at the time. But ‘they’ say the road to hell is paved with good intentions, so we’ll see.

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