by Robin Freeman (Geneva, Florida)

Romanian mobile bee cart

Romanian Migratory Beekeeper’s Cart

I watched a show on the Science Channel called Bees: Inside the Hive. They had a beehive in the building that opened from the back. It had a door and the frames pulled out like a book on a shelf.

I live in Florida and use a double brood box, it gets to be very heavy when I check my hives. Can you tell me if you have seen anything like it, or where I can get more information?

Your help will be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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  • Geoff Kipps-Bolton

    Hi Robin

    I’m sure I remember reading about something like this many years ago in one of the beekeeping magazines. I seem to remember that I wasn’t too impressed then and since I haven’t seen anything about it since I’m guessing that it hasn’t got very far.

    I have a feeling that this would work fine, until you put the bees in. Once they have built some brace comb and gummed up the works with propolis I’m not sure how effective it would bee.

    I have heard that Romanian migratory beekeepers had a type of trailer with the walls made from beehives. The beekeeper lived in the space between the beehives. When the time came to move on, the horse was hitched to the shafts at the front and the whole thing was driven to its new location. I think they accessed the hive from inside the trailer, so much have had something of the type you’re describing.

    I’ve been searching the web to find information about this and came up with a couple of things.

    I did find a patent for a slide-out box, but I think you’re describing something with slide-out frames.

    I also found a website which had a type of ‘filing cabinet’ arrangement, perhaps this is what you saw? It’s the MV Drawhive, they have plans available for the Langstroth and national hive.

    I hope this helps. If anyone else has any information perhaps they can leave a comment or send it in on the contact form.

    The Bee Guy.

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